Tenants Guide to Renting with Leighton Snow

Here at Leighton Snow our aim is to help you rent your ideal home with ease.

We pride ourselves on being able to match you with your ideal property and make the process of applying as stress free as possible.


In order to rent a property, you will need the following documents:

  • ID – you will need a UK passport or driving licence and birth certificate (other forms are accepted but these are the most common) where you do not a hold a UK passport you will also be required to provide a right to Rent document i.e. Visa and a share code.
  • Proof of current address - this need to be a bank statement or utility bill dated in the last 3 months.



Affordability is worked out for working applicants at 30 x the monthly rent for example where a rent is £700per month then your annual income would need to be £21,000.

Where benefits are your main income, you will also be required to provide a Guarantor.


Where a guarantor is required, the guarantor will also need to be in receipt of an annual income that is 30 x the monthly rent. They are not required to be a homeowner, but they are required to have a good clean credit history.

Guarantor will be required to sign a deed of guarantee and will remain the guarantor on the tenancy for the full duration and until the tenancy ends and the tenant moves out.

PERMITTED PAYMENTS, what to expect……


A holding fee will be taken on application for a property, the equivalent of 1 week’s rent. This will be credited to the first month’s rent as per the terms which are outlined in the application documents.

(1 weeks rent is calculated at 12 x monthly rent, divided by 52)


On the day of your move in you will be required to pay the agreed deposit. (On all tenancies under £50,000 per annum)

Deposit options are available, these may be the 5 week capped cash deposit (calculated at 12 x rent, divided by 52 x 5). Or the Zero Deposit Guarantee scheme which is the equivalent of 1 weeks rent plus, £49 set up fee and a yearly renewal fee of £17.50.


Where change to the tenants occupying the property is made, be it additional or removal, a charge of £60 will be applicable to cover the administration of the process and the taking of instruction from the landlord.

Where a change to the rent due date is approved an administration fee of £36 will be charged and the rent will be calculated on a pro rata basis and paid upon change.

(Rent x 12 divided by 365.25 (days) x amount of days of movement)


Where keys have been mislaid and or locks need to be changed this will be done at the cost of the tenant and will vary dependent on lock and key type.


where an early release from the tenancy is permitted the tenant will be held liable to cover the cost of the landlords reletting costs to include; set up fee, and deposit registration fee (total to be no more than 1 months rent).

Payments are accepted by BACs transfer ONLY

(we do not have a card facility currently and cash cannot be accepted)